From the recording Beautiful Day SOUNDTRACKS

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I Still Trust You

I've seen the righteous man suffer pain
And it looked like the wicked would go free
And in my frustration it just didn't seem right to me
I asked You for sunshine, but You sent rain
I cried for healing, but, I only got pain
But, I know your love will see me through
Oh lord, I still trust you

I still trust you lord, I still trust you lord
I know you're able to guide me through this old dry barren land
And when I don't know which way to turn or go
I still trust You lord, so let me hold to Your hand

I trust You for You've been so faithful to me
And You said in Your Word that You would never leave nor forsake me
Lo, I'll go with you unto the end, Your Blood has cleansed me from all my guilt and sin
Your promise I know I can hold on to, oh Lord, I love trusting you