From the recording Beautiful Day SOUNDTRACKS

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He Answered Your Prayer

Many times I'd been kneeling, seemed my prayers just hit the ceiling
And I didn’t think god had even noticed my river of tears
Just when it seemed I'd been rejected he did much more than i expected
Oh, why did I doubt, he'd work it out he answered my prayer

He answers prayer, He answers prayer
He has a plan, He'll make a way, He'll keep his word
So my friend don't be discouraged, there is no need to worry
In his perfect time you're gonna find He answered your prayer

And if you're facing a mountain and there's no way around it
Jesus, He'll help you climb it just hold to His hand
He is the one that you can run to, to find comfort and refuge
He will be there, hearing your prayer so call out to Him

Knock and the door will open
Ask and it will be given