1. You Never Know

From the recording Blank Page SOUNDTRACKS

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She's at the front of the check-out line
The cashier says
"Ma'am you're short a dime"
So she tries to use her credit card instead
But her trembling hands spill the purse
She can hear the other customers
As they sigh and grumble
All their patience spent
But you see she buried her ten year olf son
Just last week
And she's shaking from the inside out
Overwhelmed with grief

You never know
What somebody's going through
You never know
What makes them act the way they do
So try a little grace
Cause there just might come a day
When you find yourself in need of grace too
You never know
What somebody's going through

He's doing 55 in a 70
Holds the steering wheel
Tight as it can be
Leaning forward
Fear written on his face
When a pickup truck with an angry horn
Goes flying by
Kicking up a storm
Just to let him know
That he's in their way
But you see this is the first time
That he's found the nerve to drive
Since that rainy night he spun out of control
And lost his wife


Kindness is a virtue
And this world can't have enough
Just a little understanding
Shows a wounded heart God's love

(give a little grace)

Tag. You never know
What life holds for you
You never know
What somebody's going through