From the recording Blank Page SOUNDTRACKS

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Oh, Christian don't grow weary
In your corner of the field,
Don't become discouraged
Even when you see no yield
Remember Brother Noah
How he preached a hundred years
Without a single convert
Though it cost him toil and tears
Though Noah did God's bidding
When he built that big ole boat
The people laughed and mocked
And said that thing ain't gonna float

Noah.... was a preacher man
(Where would you and I be without that preacher man)
Never critize somebody
Who does the Lord's command
They may be like Noah
When eternity unfurls
They thought he was a failure
But Noah saved the world

He never preached for big crowds
He had no fancy church
Just hammering and sawing
He did the good Lord's work
So if you know you're doing
What the Lord's called you to do
Oh brother just be faihtful
You'll find God's faithful too
God's looking for a Noah
Who'll reach out to this world
Calling whosoever will
He wants every boy and girl


God used Noah
And Noah saved the world